Welcome to Our Natural World of Endless Possibilities

almAvia is a family-run business created in 2017. The name, almAvia, was conceived by Dr. Dina through the powers of the universe while she was finishing her doctorate in Metaphysical Healing at Delphi University, USA.   

The Soul is the devotional spiritual embodiment of all existence. almAvia’s Soul is devoted to delivering all-natural creations to our clients. We manufacture a holistic beauty skincare line enriched with semi-precious stones. Beyond this, we provide energy healing products such as face rollers, crystal bracelets, pendants and more metaphysical items.  

Our emblem is derived and influenced by the Japanese concept of Ikigai, which encompasses many realizations in one’s life. It is the highest level of desire, the process in which we cultivate our inner potential to reach our life purpose. Therefore, we allow our precious self-possibilities to blossom and truly feel the joy, passion and love in living.