Integrative Holistic Beauty

We are here to change the impossible standards of cosmetology and reimagine the notion of natural beauty. We are challenging the cosmetic industry to elevate its criteria to higher levels through our Integrative Holistic Beauty regime.  

We want to celebrate what you already have, without the need to conceal flaws or imperfections. We want to restore and heal the skin through active ingredients naturally derived from the rich sources Mother Earth provides us and deliver them to you in their purest form.  

We focus on the same belief of Ikigai; that it is daily habits, including that which we do for our skin, that bring a deep radiance through the wellness of our inner being. Let us transcend the belief that beauty is skin deep and recall that we must nurture our physical, mental, and emotional bodies.  

Let almAvia care for your skin with our exclusive and groundbreaking combination of minerals, natural plants, and semi-precious crystals of exceptional quality. Our passion is to purify your skin. Our mission is to manifest the change through total transparency and purity.   

Why Semi-Precious Gemstones?

Science has proven that semi-precious stones use their energetic properties as sentient beings to allow us to reconnect with the natural world and eliminate our energetic blockages. They can empower the healing process of balancing the mental, physical, and spiritual bodies.

Our semi-precious gemstones have been ethically sourced for their remarkable capabilities to not only be an ally to our lives and consciousness but to enhance and brighten the epidermis layer of our skin for a brightened, luminescent outer layer radiating from the inside-out.