Used for thousands of years across millennia and continents by ancient civilizations, they are known for their power and potential to be great facilitators for healing the mind, body, and spirit.  

Science tells us that everything in the universe is vibration and energy and has its own unique energy center. Nicola Tesla considered crystals to be living beings. He further believed that the secret of the universe lay in the frequency, vibration, and energy, such as crystals exhibit. 

Humans have their own electromagnetic field that forms our aura around us and empowers the vibration of our hearts. Yet sometimes, our vibrations can become imbalanced. Crystals can capture the power of the sun, moon, soil, salt, seas, and more, and they can transfer that healing power back to us.  

It has always been my passion to combine science and energy healing. Through my research and practice, I have found that crystals can be used in conjunction with healing to amplify our own innate energy and connect us to our personal power to facilitate our healing.  

They can attune and harmonize to our electromagnetic field, to absorb and realign our chakras in mind, heart, and physical bodies. They can deliver the highest pulsation and provide elemental healing via the Soul (almAvia).